Apple Bets on AR/VR With Vision Pro Standalone System

Apple Bets on AR/VR With Vision Pro Standalone System

Published: June 8, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Which reality do you prefer? Augmented, virtual, or old-fashioned ‘hard’ copy?

Apple is going with the former, and this spring unveiled its newly designed AR system, the culmination of nearly a decade of development. The company calls the system a ‘spatial computer’; as it stands, it is essentially a goggle-like set that puts 23 million pixels’ worth of digital flash on top of dreary old reality.

Projected in three-dimensional 4K, the graphics capability of Apple AR put convincing game- or film-immersion into the hands of the consumer. From the user’s perspective, the field of vision is 100 feet wide, with an audio system that augments the sense of distance and direction; user control is exerted through voice, gesture, or eye.

The logical conclusion for entertainment purposes is the merging of game and movie…although the implications for creative professionals are also considerable. Meanwhile, the view of the actual world can be adjusted in relation to the augmentation.

The Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499.

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