Candela Serves Up $395K ‘C-8 Center Console’ Electric Hydrofoil

Candela Serves Up $395K ‘C-8 Center Console’ Electric Hydrofoil

Published: April 27, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

How about a hydrofoil as a recreational foil this summer? Candela has a new one called the C-8 Center Console. It’s a variation of the well-received original C-8, and it looks just the ticket for smooth, quick riding whilst Apollo’s in seasonal ascendancy; for those unfamiliar, a hydrofoil travels over the water, making the design ideal for ocean travel. Having an electric power source, this particular hydrofoil is also dead quiet, and it doesn’t produce foul ICE fumes.

The C-8 Center Console was developed through a business partnership with Swedish electric car lodestar Polestar; the hydrofoil’s battery pack is otherwise known as the powertrain highlight of the Polestar 2. That’s a lot of juice in a watercraft designed for resistance reduction, and it’s not terribly surprising to discover that the C-8 Center Console boasts a top speed of 30 knots and cruises very comfortably at 20. The Polestar 2 pack also brings with it a long range — the C-8 Center Console doubles down on the next longest range electric boat currently available, traveling 66 miles on a full charge.

The C-8 Center Console design borrows from sports cars and planes; it features fly-by-wire steering, adding to the excitement for the pilot, while onboard avionics continually compensate while underway to keep the boat incredibly stable.

The Candela C-8 Center Console is available in center-console and daycruiser configurations for owners who generally favor speedboating or overnighting. Pricing begins at $395,000.


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