Elle Macpherson’s Designer Digs in Coral Gables Available for $22M After Price Cut

Published: March 16, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Florida retreat of runway legend Elle Macpherson is back with a price snip this winter. The 1989-vintage Coral Gables residence is currently listed at $22 million; Macpherson initially put the six-bedroom home up for sale about a year ago, with an asking price of $29 million. She’s owned it for a little more than five years, according to public records.

The house sits on a 1.71-acre lot in a gated community; it is one of only 18 homes in the enclave. It has seen a comprehensive revision in the past six years.

The 8,314 sq. ft. home’s exterior is inspired by Tuscan architecture, with a symmetrical façade and a low hipped roof. Inside the home, the initial impression is of spatial extravagance. Color choices and room layout follow in kind — this is a relaxed house with a lifestyle that emphasizes taking one’s time.

It is also a tastefully understated home, with a lack of glitz that’s refreshing and, by and large, in keeping with its esteemed neighborhood. Ceiling heights are generous, and rooms sport a longitudinal depth that is quite soothing; witness the kitchen, its sense of space enhanced by its primarily white execution, and the living room, where a U-shaped sofa drives home the languorous line of sight. Texture is added via decadent curtains and upholstery and, in the kitchen, a wall of white-painted brick.

Outside, the backyard gets high marks for its unusually large swimming pool, the centerpiece of a tree-dotted grassy expanse joined by a long patio, with a full-width staircase between them.

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