Montblanc and Ferrari Reveal $28K Tribute to Daytona SP3

Montblanc and Ferrari Reveal $28K Tribute to Daytona SP3

Published: February 16, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

The last time Montblanc released a Ferrari-themed pen, in 2021, it was the founder and soul of the automaker who got the nod: Enzo himself. The pen was, and is, an entry in Montblanc’s varied Great Characters series; still available, it comes in variations priced from $900 to $4000.

This time around, Montblanc has a single pen to offer as Ferrari homage, and it’s a particular model that is the subject at hand for its overall design: Ferrari’s Icona Daytona SP3, itself a reflexive homage of sorts. The car was Ferrari’s way of keeping a famous house win on the competitive track in recent memory, a particularly powerful Prancing Horse win at the 1967 Daytona marathon. The pen is called the Stilema SP3 Limited Edition.

Montblanc met with Ferrari Design Center chief Flavio Manzoni to develop the writing instrument, which may be the most aerodynamic pen the estimable French firm has ever produced. The tube — or chassis — is titanium, while 750 white gold is an accent material; the slash of red that stands out prominently and hides the ink-filling apparatus echoes the Daytona SP3’s bumper design. The Stilema SP3’s nib is solid white gold, with SP3 engraving alongside the Montblanc marque.

Only 599 pieces. $27.5K.




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