Former Packer Blake Martinez Looking to Sell Manhattan Beach Home for $6.3M

Former Packer Blake Martinez Looking to Sell Manhattan Beach Home for $6.3M

Published: January 19, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Newly retired NFL player Blake Martinez is selling this home in Manhattan Beach, California. The property hit the market in the middle of December, and listed with an asking price of $6.299 million.

The house was completed early last year, and is designed with Farmhouse elements that are dressed up with extended rafter tails a la Craftsman. It contains six bedrooms and seven baths across 4,835 sq. ft. of interiors.

The home begins with a recessed entry on the far right hand side of the façade; an interesting design, with sidelights that are separated from a Dutch-style door by perpendicular dividers. The front door opens onto a meandering series of living areas anchored by an open-concept living area with a grey modern-ish fireplace and sliding glass opening onto the property exterior.

A free-feeling kitchen and family room boasts additional sliding glass and is brightened by a blue-painted island. A staircase positioned on the side of the structure provides access to the upper level, where a master suite with a fireplace and balcony awaits.

Martinez purchased the home in the spring of 2022. He retired from professional play in November of last year after a very short stint with the Las Vegas Raiders. He retired in early November, about a week after he sold a rare Pokemon game card for $672K.

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