Donkervoort F22 Limited to 75 Units

Donkervoort F22 Limited to 75 Units

Published: January 12, 2023 | By: American Luxury Staff

Last summer, an exciting Donkervoort hit U.S. shores: the D8 GTO Individual Series, a highly customizable version of the storied model with ‘hundreds of thousands’ of option combinations available.

The $240K exotic comes with a 2.5L five-cylinder engine producing 435 horsepower, and a carbon-heavy build that gives the supercar a superb power-to-weight ratio and, as a result, a 2.7-second 0-62 MPH time. But the new D8 GTO variant was also something of a swan song, as Donkervoort made noises about discontinuing the model after a decade of production.

Well, to close out 2022, the Dutch firm announced the coming of the D8 GTO’s replacement, the F22. The new model is certainly a Donkervoort — the DNA is absolutely evident in the new car, and the Audi-sourced engine appears to carry over from the outgoing model — but has to its credit improved aero, a chassis of tubular steel, aluminum, and carbon, and a carbon twin Targa panel. And, if the D8 GTO was the most powerful Donkervoort to come down the pike last summer, the F22 bests it by nearly 60 horsepower, shaving .2 seconds off the D8 GTO Individual’s 0-62 time.

The F22 also features a five-speed manual transmission with a limited-slip differential. Racing features include an optional six-point harness and Bosch ABS. Other details of the limited-edition supercar: lower emission, 2G in cornering force, improved braking, an active shock absorber system, and an all-new active suspension system.

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