Recon Teams Up With Hummer for $4K E-Bike

Recon Teams Up With Hummer for $4K E-Bike

Published: November 23, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Creating a matched set with the redesigned four-wheel Hummer EV, Recon Power Bikes recently unveiled the Hummer EV AWD electric bicycle, an off-road dream for the mountain biker desiring a power-assisted riding experience.

In spirit, the Hummer EV is of course a two-wheeled homage to the big beast. The looks are there — the e-Bike has the appeal of the luxuriously indestructible while still striking a lean, clean-lined figure — and the design is deftly utilitarian, with the fetching downtube containing the 48 volts of cells. The power pack is waterproof, too.

Powering the Recon Hummer EV is a set of Bafang motors that collectively deliver up to 120 pound-feet of torque; the bike’s top speed is at least 28 MPH. An adjustable suspension fork, choice of ride modes—Cruise, Traction, or Adrenaline—with torque vectoring, and on-demand all-wheel drive are additional features of the new Recon.

As of writing, Recon’s website is offering a special reservation price of $3,999 for the EV Hummer. Deliveries are scheduled to begin soon.

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