Ferrari SF90 Spider Gets a Boost From Novitec

Ferrari SF90 Spider Gets a Boost From Novitec

Published: November 18, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Ferrari-loving tuner Novitec announced a kit for the SF90 Spider this autumn. One of the more complex models to emerge from Maranello of late — its exterior deftly hides F1 and wedge inspiration beneath typical Ferrari grace — the SF90 features a hybrid powertrain of 4L V8 and three electric motors which collectively deliver nearly 1,000 horsepower and some very techy candy, including a ‘shut-off Gurney’, a flap incorporated into the wing which can be removed from the aerodynamic equation. What did Novitec bring to the table?

The tuning firm’s contributions to this very exciting model begin with a suite of power enhancements that bring the horsepower rating to 1,109: new mapping, Novitec’s Tectronic module, and a new exhaust system incorporating metal catalysts, and Novitronic and Switchtronic controls. The end result can be distilled to a 0-62 MPH time of 2.4 seconds, but the thrill of driving the Novitec-enhanced SF90 Spider doesn’t end there.

Novitec also added sport springs, hydraulic adjustment, and 21-inch forged wheels developed by Vossen and Novitec, which are available in a variety of finish colors. Novitec’s carbon body upgrade includes front flaps, a front lip insert, new front fender sections, side panels, ducktail, mirror caps, side window covers, front and rear spoilers, diffuser, and covers for the SF90 Spider’s trunk and engine bay.

Novitec’s interior options include a variety of upholstery and trim options to put the finishing touches on an individual example.

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