Rezvani Vengeance Combines Rugged Exterior With Plush Interior

Rezvani Vengeance Combines Rugged Exterior With Plush Interior

Published: November 11, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

The newest SUV — survival utility vehicle — from Rezvani is something of a contradiction at first glance.

Called the Vengeance, the model features an exterior that looks terrifyingly prepared for the end of the world. That sentiment is jarringly combined with an interior that’s as plush as a luxury car. As a symbol of the cryptic embedding of militancy in contemporary wealth, the Vengeance is even more chillingly apt than the Hummer.

As the most recent model from Rezvani, it represents the logical design progression of the brand. The company’s first model — called the Tank — mixes the stylized angularity typically found in Lamborghinis with military-like aggression; the second, a vehicle the company called the Hercules 6×6, looked capable of comfortably traversing ground-zero L.A.

The Vengeance’s design language stands as the next evolutionary step for Rezvani; less high fashion this time around, but more aggressive still. Like other Rezvani models, it uses a production car as a foundation, in this case the Cadillac Escalade. Law enforcement-style lighting and an armored appearance push the Escalade far into the background. Powering the vehicle is a 6.2L V8; a 3.0L six-cylinder or a supercharged 6.2L V8 may be optioned for buyers wishing to build on the Vengeance’s $249,000 base sticker.

Inside, the Vengeance is decked out with a similarly comprehensive rebuild. It’s less traditional than the Escalade’s cabin; creature comforts include audio from AKG — the sound is projected via nineteen speakers — as well as navigation with augmented reality and power front seats with twelve-point adjustment. The model can be ordered in seven- and eight-seat layouts.

Options for the Vengeance include an ‘Executive Package’ that revises the back with massaging and climate-adjustable seats, and a bullet-proof package with real armoring and reinforced glass.

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