Porsche E-Bikes Get a Refresh; Price Starts at $9.5K

Porsche E-Bikes Get a Refresh; Price Starts at $9.5K

Published: October 31, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Last year, Porsche announced two new electrically assisted bicycles: the eBike Cross and eBike Sport. The flyer-inspired models were developed through collaboration with Rotwild, a German firm specializing in electric bicycles. Porsche’s design contributions include cross-pollination moments with the Taycan EV, and of course abundant use of that most technical of materials, carbon fiber.

Exiting 2022, Porsche has updates for the models. The Shimano EP-8 remains the motor of choice, but it appears that the battery has been bumped up to a 630 Wh unit, a better than 50% improvement in power.

The eBike Sport and eBike Cross are still as dedicated to their individual use cases as they were last year; the Sport is an urban commuting solution and weekend getabout, while the Cross is a mixed-use model geared toward off-roading. The former receives a good dose of modernist design charm and contemporary connectivity, while the latter gets a Shimano XT in back and a Fox 34 Float Performance fork.

Pricing: up $1,000 from 2021. The Cross is tagged at $9,500, the Sport at $11,750.

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