Zeelander 6 Is a Refined Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Zeelander 6 Is a Refined Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Published: October 26, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

With the nostalgic sense of grace of its bows — its flared curves are downright intoxicating — and all-business back end, the Zeelander 6 accurately conjures both the golden age time-travel bait and the contemporary nautical chops today’s watercraft enthusiast craves. The yacht is one of three in a series revealed recently by the Netherlands-based designer and builder.

The yard announced the new model this fall, and it’s worth a look as a stand-alone recreation ticket or even a larger tender. Similar to the longer, Porsche-inspired Z72, the 56-foot 6’s bulwarks are a case of high drama, and the effect is roughly the same as looking at the elegant grand tourers of the postwar era.

The 6’s cabin features automatic trim control, a very useful feature indeed, and there are electric sunshades for passengers; for living spaces, the design places a lounge between a three-stool bar and the combination diving platform and sunlounge, something of an engineering coup. The craft can reach a top speed of up to 40 knots, and apparently do so while sustaining a sound level of less than 72 decibels.

Also impressive is the two-cabin layout below. The design scheme is cleanly, not effusively, traditional. Matte finishes predominate in the execution in the accommodations as elsewhere in the boat, and there’s just enough warmth to act as a tip of the hat to nautical decades past.

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