C SEED and Porsche Design Create World’s Largest Outdoor TV

C SEED and Porsche Design Create World’s Largest Outdoor TV

Published: October 13, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Back in the summer, Austrian electronics specialist C Seed unveiled the N1, a new affordable television model. Smaller than the company’s previous models — its biggest screen measures in at 165 inches — the set shows off the fold-away design that is the C Seed identity, but is priced at $190K.

Autumn 2022 finds the company in a more ambitious frame of mind. C Seed’s alpha model used to be the 301, a 25-foot leviathan that came with a $1.5 million price tag. But that set appears to be out of production.

C Seed’s newest upper-end sets are the HLR TV 144 and HLR TV 201, not quite as large but boasting Porsche design chops, 16 bit-per-color processing, 4,000-NIT luminosity and a 3,840 Hz refresh rate. These sets are designed to be ideally versatile regarding light conditions, and can be enjoyed outside in bright sunshine.

Like other C Seed sets, the design is a fold-away that can vanish into a box beneath a floor or deck panel. C Seed is now assisting with the technical aspects of such an installation, providing equipment, drawings, and project management.

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