Brabus Delivers ‘P 900 Rocket Edition “One of Ten”‘ Using Its Favorite Platform, the G-Class

Brabus Delivers ‘P 900 Rocket Edition “One of Ten”‘ Using Its Favorite Platform, the G-Class

Published: October 13, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

The latest ‘One of Ten’ Merc G63 model from German firm Brabus is the most comprehensively modified G-Wagen to emerge from the tuning shop to date. It also answers the question What would happen if a G-Wagen and an X-Class had a love child?

The new Brabus G-Wagen is a Rocket 900 series vehicle, the top tier of the company’s design hierarchy. Rocket 900 models have been tuned to produce 900 horsepower, or close to it, and this G-Wagen’s powertrain also delivers a huge amount of muscle: over 900 pound-feet of torque. A nine-speed automatic gets the energy where it needs to be.

Other details of this build include a new stainless exhaust with actively controlled valves and carbon tailpipe trim, Brabus Monoblock Z ‘Platinum Edition’ Aero-Disc forged wheels, and the company’s RideControl aluminum coilover adjustable suspension system. The Brabus ‘Widestar’ carbon componentry kit is employed, with red trim to enhance the overwhelming black of the P 900 and a ‘PowerView’ hood panel to show off the engine.

Brabus’s ‘One of Ten’ program is the company’s most exclusive designation. Brabus pulls out all the stops for these cars and SUVs, heavily modifying them not just in terms of power but also in terms of high-octane visuals and a plush cabin experience; in this case, high-drama red and black outside and inside, scalloped seat leather, carbon fiber a-plenty, and special badging everywhere. Atmospheric flourishes include a switchable Brabus exhaust soundtrack.

Pricing and ordering information for the Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition ‘One of Ten’ is available upon request.

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