Delage Shows Off Roofless Version of Its V12-Powered D12 Hypercar

Delage Shows Off Roofless Version of Its V12-Powered D12 Hypercar

Published: October 6, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

After three years of existence, French automotive reboot company Delage is stretching out with body style options for its 2021 D12: a roofless version of the hypercar the company has titled the Speedster, and an F1 version that comes with a protective halo and ‘high-end’ helmet.

Either way, the jet-like canopy is gone; the V12 — which displaces an incredible 7.6 liters — is present and accounted for, and still supported by a 110 horsepower electric motor; all told, enough juice to give the lightweight hypercar a power-to-weight ratio of nearly 1:1, challenging a certain Koenigsegg model. Other highlights of the design include the F1-designed contractive suspensions visible amid carbon fiber in the center of the car’s forward section, and carbon fiber wheels.

In losing the greenhouse, the D12’s avant-gardist F1-inspired design is rendered more appealing. It’s still an all-business street-legal race car, but in Speedster form the liberation of losing the top is ballast for the severity of the car, and broadens its personality a bit. The D12 F1 adds a wind deflector and ‘halo’, transforming it into a fully realized track car. The D12 is available as a tandem-seater, which adds a passenger in a jet-fighter configuration, and presumably a client desiring a D12 Speedster or D12 F1 with a passenger option can be accommodated.

It would be facile to conclude that Delage’s current leadership has the Bugatti purple in its sights. So far, the company’s navigators have a niche of their own in mind, and it is far more specialized than that of Bugatti: a comprehensive global ne plus ultra. They want to create the fastest street-legal car in the world.

Delage plans to auction the first D12 to be completed. The other 29 examples planned for production will be priced at €2 million with canopy ($1.965 million at current rates). The Speedster or F1 version can be ordered at €2.19 million. The D12 with both Speedster and F1 options is priced at €2.26 million.

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