After Buying Sylvester Stallone’s Compound for $58M, Adele Lists Beverly Hills Home for $12M

After Buying Sylvester Stallone’s Compound for $58M, Adele Lists Beverly Hills Home for $12M

Published: September 20, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Earlier this year, Sylvester Stallone finally sold his Beverly Hills estate. The 3.5 acre property had been on and off the market for about a year when it changed hands, initially listing at $110 million but ultimately selling for $58 million.

The buyer, as it turns out, was multi Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Adele, who over the past few years has been compiling a Beverly Hills compound of her own, with purchases in 2016, 2019, and 2021 contributing to the whole. After news proliferated that Adele had taken up ownership of Sly’s property — the Italianate mansion and Richard Landry-designed guest house combine for 20,000 sq. ft. of interiors — one couldn’t help but wonder if she’d begin to sell off the components of her portfolio in the star-studded city.

Well, this month one of Adele’s other Beverly Hills homes hit the open market. It’s the house she paid Nicole Richie $10 million for in June of last year, and it arrives in the for sale category this summer with an uninflated asking price of $12 million.

The house contains four bedrooms and four full or partial baths in its 5,515 sq. ft. of interior living area. It’s built into a shelf, and its single-floor street level impression blossoms in back into two full floors; the long, soft L-shape of its architecture allows for a generous outdoor porch with vine-covered loggia which may be accessed through the home’s numerous sliding glass and French doors.

In keeping with the shape of the home, interior spaces seem to always lead around the next corner. Highlights: the kitchen, with French doors adding a breezy brightness to culinary endeavors, and the office, which also opens to the exterior, and features a fireplace and walls of built-ins besides.

Adele’s success is the stuff of legends, rare even among music superstars. She’s released four studio albums; the last three of them rocketed to the top of the charts in every major market.

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