Arkell House in L.A. by Taller Aragonés

Arkell House in L.A. by Taller Aragonés

Published: September 17, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Arkell House, Los Angeles, California. Taller Aragonés.

“The project is located in a corner lot surrounded by trees, hillsides, and blue skies. The existing landscaping, and many more trees added throughout the process, helped us bring the greenery in the background closer to our perceptible space.

We wanted to take advantage of the light, breeze, and temperature that a city like Los Angeles provides. An intimate refuge that had to be opened as much as possible in order to welcome these elements, but being careful not to discover all the space at once. Some inherited walls from the previous structure allowed us to play with an element of surprise within the house. The built perimeter of the project is confined by privacy walls that create an intimate courtyard for every room.

Turning Into a corner and not knowing what comes next. This is perhaps what I like the most when taking a walk throughout any city. Why not try the same inside your own private space?

All the volumes, every room, and the elements within it were designed meticulously and carefully as a unit, but coherent to the surrounding space. A sum of elements that generate space. A sum of spaces that narrate a story.

We worked with Terrazzo flooring for the first time and were happily surprised by a family of installers that dedicate its life to it. A lifetime of learning the nature of a material, resulting in the achievement of unique elements throughout the house. A material that helped in our effort to merge interior to exterior transitions.

Pure whiteness in transitioning spaces, while Wood was used to give warmth in spaces meant for prolonged activity. Poliform helped us manufacture all the custom finishing carpentry that was assembled on site.

Color has been inherent to many examples of Mexican architecture for hundreds of years and a natural step for us is using nowadays technology to play with this element at night. The house and its walls are transformed through LED-colored lighting, transporting you to a different mood and context.”

Photo credit: Inesssa Binenbaum

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