Bentley Mulliner Batur Revealed As Bacalar’s Successor; Price Starts at $2M

Bentley Mulliner Batur Revealed As Bacalar’s Successor; Price Starts at $2M

Published: September 1, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Mulliner, the ancient coachbuilder that represents an all-in-the-family link between Rolls and Bentley and has become Bentley’s byword for customization and dream-fulfillment, has a long history with Crewe. One of the more recent results of the ongoing creative collaboration between the two estimable British brands is the new Batur, a very limited-production model that merges hand-built with contemporary advantages: titanium parts, natural fiber composites, and a bit of 3D-printed 18-karat gold.

For regular readers, Bentley’s faithful, and perhaps the Monterey Car Week attendees who were present at the unveiling, one look at the coupe will suggest the Bacalar, the permanently roofless roadster Bentley rolled out back in early 2020. The Batur’s namesake, like the Bacalar’s, is a particularly beautiful body of water. Bacalar is a lake in Mexico which eventually gave rise to a resort, while Lake Batur is nestled in a volcano in Northeastern Bali.

The Bacalar was limited to 12 examples; the Batur has bested it by a half-dozen. Like the Bacalar, the Batur is loaded with a W12 engine. But the Batur is also possessed of a 48-volt electric active anti-roll bar system, speed-tuned air suspension, torque vectoring, four-wheel steering, and eLSD (for those who may confuse automotive design with the imperatives of Father Leary, the acronym represents ‘electronic limited-slip differential’).

Now for the bad news: all 18 examples of the Batur have been spoken for…at £1.65 million, which currently converts to just under $2 million.

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