‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Johnny Galecki Seeking $11.9M for L.A. Charmer

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Johnny Galecki Seeking $11.9M for L.A. Charmer

Published: August 13, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

This summer, actor Johnny Galecki — who is most famous for his turn as Leonard on the hit show The Big Bang Theory — listed the Hollywood Hills property he’s owned for about seven years on the open market. The vintage 1929 Spanish Eclectic, which was formerly owned by actioner actor Jason Statham, is currently priced at $11.9 million.

The property’s living spaces ramble freely indoor and out, but its indoor space measures 7,415 sq. ft. It contains six bedrooms and six baths between main house and guest accommodations.

Revisions and updates conducted to the property during Galecki’s ownership period appear to be negligible, the best turn of events as the property’s turnkey atmosphere is singular and spectacular too. The outdoor living area meanders across tiled walkways, patios, terraces, and a staircase or two, and artful use of color contributes to the home’s wonderful visual complexity.

There’s more than one marvelous surprise on this little estate. Among the more notable on the list: the outdoor arcade that connects the house and garage, the water fountain, the kiva arch that precedes the recessed entryway, the hex Spanish Oak Saltillo in the kitchen, and the speakeasy lounge.

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