Jeffrey Epstein’s 7,588-Acre Ranch in Santa Fe Listed for $21.5M After Price Cut

Jeffrey Epstein’s 7,588-Acre Ranch in Santa Fe Listed for $21.5M After Price Cut

Published: August 2, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Zorro Ranch, the retreat Jeffrey Epstein owned in New Mexico, is back on the market this summer. The listing comes with a hefty price chop: six million has been cleaved off the top, which leaves the estate asking $21.5 million.

The property, one of the larger in the Santa Fe area, spans 7,588 acres. There are numerous residential structures located across the ranch, including four at Ranch Central, as well as a log cabin and a lodge, each occupying their own private space.

The main house contains four bedrooms. It is a large and extravagantly-detailed Hacienda-style, and features a long list of specialized rooms that culminates in its library. Its outdoor living spaces include stone walking paths and patios, with gardens and a fountain along the way. The property is a working ranch, however, and there is a grass airstrip, stables, a store, a fire house and a greenhouse on the property.

Revenue from properties owned by Epstein that have sold since his death has been used as compensation for his victims.

Among the more extravagant homes to have found buyers is the Herbert N. Straus mansion in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, which began its for-sale run at $88 million in 2020 and ultimately sold for $51 million after about a year on the open market. His Palm Beach house suffered similarly radical price chops before selling to a developer as a teardown for less than $20 million at the end of 2020. In March, Epstein’s Caribbean islands hit the open market at $125 million. They were relisted this summer for for $55 million apiece.

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