Conan O’Brien Seeking $16.5M for Carpinteria Beach House

Published: August 2, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Carpinteria beachfront real estate tends to be a touch on the pricey side, so the cost of taking ownership of Conan O’Brien’s oceanfront and enjoying the hassle of sweeping the sand out of the mudroom will run you $16.5 million.

Actually, two mudrooms; the two cottages on the property bring the accommodations total to four bedrooms and four baths across 2,142 sq. ft. of interior living area. The square footage is nearly equally divided between the two houses, with each receiving two bedrooms. The .41-acre lot is long, allowing a favorable distance between the pair.

The main house features modern-inspired architecture which gives its beachfront exposure a full measure of glass. Adjacent is the deck, which receives a substantial portion of the structure’s footprint, and features a built-in bench seat. Between the two shared spaces, one inside and one out, the property’s credence as an eligible battery-recharging spot is secured; for Tesla-charging, there’s an installation in the garage.

The secondary home is positioned inland a bit, and framed by a looming green border of California flora. Its outside deck is covered, and in a way more peaceful than its companion’s, as it looks beachward through the fronds and leaves of the property’s more permanent occupants. It features a living room with a beamed vaulted ceiling, tile floors, and sliding glass in its bedrooms, one upper and one lower.

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