Virgin Atlantic Reveals New Business Class Suites

Virgin Atlantic Reveals New Business Class Suites

Published: July 26, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Continuing to refine its business class — and sounding out consumer response and the limitations of the marketplace — is Virgin Atlantic.

This summer, the airline introduced another subclass for the business traveler. The Retreat Suites, as they’re called, occupy a special area of the cabin. The suites include access to a private entertainment system via a 27-inch touchscreen, as well as a lounge seat that can be converted to a bed. The new suites feature doors that can be closed for maximum privacy, as do the rest of the 30 new business class seats.

There will be two Retreat Suites in each of the company’s Airbus A330-900neo aircraft. In 2019, Virgin Atlantic ordered at least 16 and as many as 22 of the marginally more fuel-efficient planes. The Retreat Suites will be the crown jewels in each A330-900neo. Virgin has built configuration options into the suites’ design to make them suitable for a small group.

The new Airbus planes are joining the fleet as Virgin upgrades its customer experience to include not only the two exclusive business seats but also Upper Class, a special business cabin, and The Loft, a small lounge which services that cabin and features seating for eight with refreshments and entertainment.

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