Novitec Serves Up Another Kit for Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Novitec Serves Up Another Kit for Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Published: July 14, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

German tuner Novitec has levied its design chops on the models of nearly every prominent luxury and exotic carmaker in business.

But the firm appears to like Ferraris best, and the Prancing Horse always seems to get the most thought out of the Novitec creative team. Novitec-altered Ferraris are, as a general rule, respectful treatments, and their enhancements come off as enhancements, not histrionics.

The company’s latest kit tackles the SF90 Stradale, which packs a hybrid powertrain which, in unrevised native form, delivers 986 horsepower; the setup is designed around Ferrari’s super-efficient 4.0L V8 biturbo, which is augmented with three electric motors. Novitec’s package includes its N-Tronic and new Inconel exhaust components, which help the tailored SF90 deliver 1,094 horsepower at peak; 0-62 time is 2.4 seconds.

The most noticeable new aero component is the rear spoiler, fabricated from carbon fiber of course; other carbon components include the diffuser. 21-inch forged Vossen wheels and an interior swathed in Alcantara and upgrade leather are additional features of the kit.

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