Inkas Shows Off Armored Lexus LX 600

Inkas Shows Off Armored Lexus LX 600

Published: July 12, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Lexus LX 600 is the flagship of the Japanese luxury car automaker’s LX series, and that makes it an ideal armored executive choice. Canadian automotive armoring specialist Inkas has taken up the challenge and transformed an LX 600 into an urban escape vehicle courtesy of BR6 ballistic protection.

BR6 protection can withstand assault by 7.62mm ammunition, as well as the blast of two DM51 grenades, by virtue of full passenger compartment protection, run-flat tires, a reinforced suspension, reinforced door hinges, and engine bay armoring. Inkas offers a whole menu of options for the nervous, however, with a fire suppression system, emergency lights system, and siren and intercom.

The LX 600’s muscle is a very good choice for an armoring foundation. The 2022 iteration has dropped the V8, but the super-efficient 3.5L V6 it’s outfitted with delivers over 400 horsepower; a ten-speed automatic sends the energy to the axles. The model can seat seven.

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