Breguet Introduces $200K Tradition 7047 Tourbillon Waltz

Breguet Introduces $200K Tradition 7047 Tourbillon Waltz

Published: July 9, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Breguet’s newest Tradition Collection watch is both a contemporary expression and an article of homage. At its heart is the tourbillon, the bit of mechanical genius which emerged from the firm two centuries ago. But the watch also celebrates a particularly rhythmic dance which came to fashionable prominence at about the same time: the waltz. And the skeletonized tourbillon timepiece does represent the elegance of the dance very well.

Breguet packs it all into the title, of course, and calls the new watch the Tradition 7047 Tourbillon Waltz. The timepiece’s colors are striking; blue is used judiciously in the dial among the components of the fusée-chain tourbillon and carriage, and a cobalt blue alligator band holds it all together.

The Tradition 7047 Tourbillon Waltz is powered by Breguet’s 569 Calibre. The watch has a power reserve of 50 hours.

€192.3K, which converts to about $200.5K at current rates.

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