‘Space Camper’ Topper Extends Cybetruck Utility

‘Space Camper’ Topper Extends Cybetruck Utility

Published: June 11, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

A Tesla Cybertruck accessory for camping was announced by a company called Space Campers this spring. Taking the Cybertruck’s use case to its logical conclusion, the company turns the electric vehicle into an off-the-beaten-track vehicle that’s a ‘swiss army knife’ recreational rig. Naturally, they call the camper conversion the Space Camper.

Space Campers, a company based in California, had the idea to convert the angular back end of the Tesla into a more traditional camper — with a host of less traditional, ecologically friendly amenities. The accessory attaches to the back end of the Cybertruck, and contains a sink, a sofa that can do mattress duty, and plentiful storage space. It is deployed using the Cybertruck’s onboard air compressor. A wedge-like section converts the Cybertruck into the coolest VW camper ever seen.

Options for the Space Camper include a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and even a movie projector. Solar panels for charging the truck may also be optioned; they, in turn, can do double-duty as a roof rack.

The cost to convert your Cybertruck into a basic Space Camper: $24,000.

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