Bombardier Global 8000 Revealed As Fastest, Longest-Range Business Jet; Price Starts at $78M

Bombardier Global 8000 Revealed As Fastest, Longest-Range Business Jet; Price Starts at $78M

Published: June 11, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

It’s been a little less than four years since we had a look at Bombardier’s Global 7500, at that time the largest business jet in the firm’s stable — and also one that can hit Mach 0.925, and one with a peak range of over 7,500 nautical miles. Bombardier’s innovations on the model include a flexible wing design, which helps maintain stability in turbulent conditions and hence offer passengers a smoother ride.

Lots to like from the Montreal-based company, but the stratosphere-gallivanting folks in the Great White North haven’t been resting on their laurels in the interim. Midway through 2022 finds the firm announcing a new figurehead: the Global 8000. It’s faster and has a longer range than the 7500, which pushes the envelope on both counts. In fact, the company says it’s the fastest jet in its class, and has the top range of any in class as well.

Mach 0.94 is fleet indeed, and Bombardier isn’t shy about letting us know that the speed represents a record in business aviation; not only that, but the model can cruise at Mach 0.92. The Global 8000’s range is, yes, about 8,000 nm. And it also sports the flexible wing design, which the company calls Smooth Flex Wing, and short-runway versatility. Gulfstream’s G800, which is set to deliver in 2023, boasts the same range, although it cruises at a lower speed.

The Global 8000’s cabin altitude is a very comfortable 2,900 feet, while onboard air is run through Bombardier’s Pür Air system, which appears to be a proprietary design that removes VOCs from the cabin as well as bacteria, allergens…and viruses. The cabin is broken up into four zones; all together, it can comfortably fly 19 passengers. It’s also the same size as the 7500, and when the 8000 enters service in 2025, owners of Global 7500 jets will be able to have their planes revised to 8000 specs.

For considerably less, one would imagine, than the 8000’s $78 million sticker price.

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