U-Boat Worx Introduces UWEP, a Party Submarine for 120

U-Boat Worx Introduces UWEP, a Party Submarine for 120

Published: May 24, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Long a mainstay go-to for undersea research and superyacht accessorizing, Dutch firm U-Boat Worx has released a steady stream of submersible models over the past two decades or thereabouts. From the smaller C-Researcher subs to the Super Yacht Sub series of the last decade, the company has evolved toward designing larger models geared to undersea enthusiast firms catering to paying passengers with this year’s Nexus.

But where the Nexus can take nine occupants on an explorative journey, the company’s new UWEP concept can handle up to 120 passengers — exclusive of crew. UWEP is an acronym representing ‘Under Water Entertainment Platform’, and a look at the interiors reveals dining and lounge areas. U-Boat Worx even suggests casino and wedding reception uses, and of course corporate ownership.

The UWEP’s floor area is highly configurable, and can be adapted to a seemingly endless list of underwater businesses.

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