Emily Ratajkowski Puts L.A. Home on the Market at $2.2M

Emily Ratajkowski Puts L.A. Home on the Market at $2.2M

Published: May 17, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

New to the open market this month is the Los Angeles modern of model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. The disarming 1946-built three-and-three property in Echo Park is priced at $2.195 million, according to Dirt.

Disarming? Certainly. This house’s laid-back atmospherics and come-as-you-are living style emerge from a buoyant youthfulness and a sensibility that reaches back into the last century. There’s a lot of class underneath the surface, and none of the high-dollar morbidity that leads to conspicuous displays of material excess. Good first novels get written in houses like this one.

The home appears to exist across levels; entering it, one must negotiate two different staircases, and once inside its shared living space is distributed across two levels beneath a double-height ceiling. Add a lot of glass into the mix and you’ve got a wide-open space that’s drenched in light when Apollo is in ascendancy and possessed of an ambient meditativeness when he isn’t. A red brick fireplace adds a touch of the rustic to the midcentury feel.

The guest bedroom finds the home straying into outright rusticity by way of a vaulted raw timber ceiling. Other details of the room include niche shelving but, like the other bedrooms, the emphasis is on glass to take in the green of the landscaping — the local flora is heavier than usual, allowing for a very secluded feel.

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