Atomic Age Time Capsule Hits the Market in Florida for $899K

Atomic Age Time Capsule Hits the Market in Florida for $899K

Published: May 17, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

A carefully maintained midcentury home on the West Coast of Florida is new to the Sunshine State’s open market. Thanks to a careful restoration carried out with an eye to the home’s modern architecture and build era, the 1,268 sq. ft. house’s decorative theme is an atmospheric trip to the age of British invasions, cold war anxieties, and console stereos.

The Sarasota home’s roofline combines the circular-shaped living space with a carport, forming a unique keyhole-like shape. The architecture’s preoccupation with the circle carries through the entire home, beginning with the front door, which is inset with three porthole windows.

Privacy screens, period-correct pattern wall covering, non-rectilinear furnishings and installations, geometric evocations, pastels, and a Sputnik ceiling fixture or two are the elements at work in this pristine, Smithsonian-ready aggregate. The home’s two bedrooms are supported by a single bath, which sits at the center of the house; a lavish space, it features a soaking tub and the original vanity.

The lot measures .35 acres, which at present is given over to lawn. There’s ample space for the imaginative new owner to design a striking outdoor garden living area.

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