Brabus Serves Up New Pair of Boats With Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition, Shadow 300 Edition

Brabus Serves Up New Pair of Boats With Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition, Shadow 300 Edition

Published: May 12, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

A few years ago, German automotive tuning shop Brabus introduced a product that represented a departure for the firm: a speedboat.

The company called the craft the Shadow 800 tender; the 36-foot, 9-inch featured a retractable hard top, a carbon fiber-rich hull, Sunbrella seats, and a set of two Mercury Verado engines providing its 800 horsepower, enough for a 35-knot cruising speed and a top speed of over 50. Brabus built just 20 of the tenders, pricing them at around $500K.

To inaugurate the warm season 2022 — which will, with a bit of luck, be the season that once again puts summertime relaxation ahead of viral-based anxiety — Brabus has another boat up its sleeve. In fact, two others.

The first picks up where the Shadow 800 left off, adding 100 horsepower and two feet of length to the tender design; Brabus calls it the Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition. The tender is of course fleet, with a pair of V8 Mercury Marine 450R engines propelling it to an astonishing top speed: 70 miles per hour.

The other new Brabus power boat is a 300-horsepower with a more nimble build. The company calls it the Shadow 300 Edition One. The Shadow 300 measures in at 25 feet, and is powered by a V8 Mercury engine, the 300R; because of its power-to-weight ratio, its speed profile is nearly identical to the larger Shadow 800, and its top speed again tips 50 knots. And, again, its smaller size and hull design make it a better choice for quick maneuvering and negotiating tight mission parameters.

Like the 800, the Shadow 300 is also dressed up in plush Brabus style, and it also packs in accommodations for two, with an onboard water supply, for weekend jaunts in inter-island shallows.

As this Shadow 300 is Edition One, it stands to reason there will be further variants in the series. There will. Stay tuned.

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