A Look at Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Garçon and Halo Yachts

A Look at Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Garçon and Halo Yachts

Published: May 3, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Roman Abramovich was back in the news in the recent past as reports emerged that two yachts owned by Abramovich were discovered in Antigua. The boats had reportedly undergone a quick change of ownership a few weeks earlier, on the day the Russia-Ukraine conflict started, with Abramovich apparently handing them off to a friend, but that’s neither here nor there.

Abramovich’s association with the vessels, Garçon and Halo, brings the fellow’s current total superyacht count to at least four. It also places the two seacraft as potentially sanction-relevant assets. If the two boats are seized, they will not be as lucky as two of Abramovich’s other superyachts, Solaris and Eclipse, which are currently located in Turkey, and beyond the reach of sanctions.

It does raise the possibility that Abramovich actually owns over a billion dollars’ worth of superyachts. Although the two boats in Antigua only collectively tally to a $60 million outlay, Solaris and Eclipse — the former measures in at 464 feet, the latter at 550 — came with a price tag of around $500 million a pop.

Abramovich’s other extravagant travel options include at least two modified Boeing passenger jets. His newest, a custom 787-8 Dreamliner, probably required him to shake loose of a further $250 million. The Chelsea FC owner put another jet, a 767-300ER, up for sale late last year, asking $100 million.

The word on the streets of the yachting world is that Abramovich is very kind to the crewmembers who man his fleet of boats. A interesting fact which perhaps contrasts with his big bad oligarch label, but one that is notable enough that it comes up in conversations. Whether it’s a genuine character trait, or a decision driven by self-preservation instinct, it certainly seems to keep his hardware in tip-top shape.

Abramovich’s net worth is around $9 billion according to Forbes, though Bloomberg pegs that figure at a more generous $12 billion.

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