Neil Patrick Harris Relists Sensitively Restored Townhouse in New York for $7.3M

Published: April 30, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Over the past five years, actor Neil Patrick Harris has bought and sold a residential gem or two in New York. Back in 2017, Harris purchased a 21st-century shingle-sided home on thirteen bucolic Hamptons acres; the postmodern home ran him $5.5 million. An interesting property, crowned with a house boasting an architectural sensibility that enmeshes farmhouse, barn, shingle-style and industrial, with an unusual ownership provenance.

As remarkable is Harris’ New York townhouse, which popped up on the open market last summer with an asking price of $7.325 million. The 8,000 sq. ft. property in Central Harlem made a return to the open market this month; its price hasn’t changed.

The house is a 1910-built red brick building that rises five stories from terra firma. It begins with an entry hall that looks much as it did a hundred years ago—wood paneling, wainscoting with a line of dentils, an original staircase with carved newel post, and a stone tile floor.

The parlor continues this trend, with the lounge and library following in kind as one moves deeper into the residence. The lounge features a full-length bar and fixtures rescued from one of New York’s elder hotels prior to demolition, while the library’s period ceiling and shelving with rail ladder catch the eye.

The main living area contains a few standout details from this century, with a molecular chandelier in the dining room and a kitchen with commercial-grade stainless and custom cabinetry. Amenities in the home: a theater room, and a creative workspace, with a rooftop deck as the capper.

Harris’ recent projects include The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, with Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal, and Tiffany Haddish.

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