Ferrari 296 GTS: 819 Horses and a View

Ferrari 296 GTS: 819 Horses and a View

Published: April 26, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Ferrari’s hybrid powertrains are becoming incredibly efficient. About ten months ago, the automaker announced the new 296 GTB, a sports outfitted with a 2.9L turbo V6 and a 122 kWh electric motor that puts 819 horsepower at the driver’s fingertips. In simplified terms of raw power, the new Gran Turismo Berlinetta model bests even the 710-HP F8 Tributo…and the 612-HP Roma too, although as far as contemporary Prancing Horse looks are concerned that one may be the most arresting newer model to emerge from the intenditori di auto mondiali di Maranello.

The 296 GTB is awful pretty itself, though, bearing the decadently feminine lines and forcefully masculine spirit of the brand, and a nearer historical approximation of Ferraris from the 1980s forward. It could only be bettered by an open-top version, and this spring Ferrari covered that base, too. Naturally, the new Spider is called the 296 GTS.

Like the hard top version, the Spider features the company’s new ABS evo brake-by-wire module. Its top is a retractable hard design that vanishes neatly behind the cockpit in 14 seconds, and can be operated at up to 28 MPH; an additional optional window unique to the GTS offers more protection or a more complete drop-top experience depending on its deployment. As for power, it transfers precisely from the hard-top version; like its sibling, it can travel about 15 miles as an EV at a top speed of 84 MPH, and reach a top speed of about 205.

The 296 GTS will be in dealerships for the 2023 model year. Pricing is not available yet, but should be in the same ballpark as the GTB’s $323,000.

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