Billionaire Marc Andreessen Gobbles Up Third Malibu Home for $34M, Bringing Total to $256M

Billionaire Marc Andreessen Gobbles Up Third Malibu Home for $34M, Bringing Total to $256M

Published: April 14, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

The third waterfront Malibu property’s the charm, or so might opine investor Marc Andreessen, who late last month added an additional home to his holdings in the fair seaside city.

Andreessen — who co-founded venture capital house Andreessen Horowitz — began his buying run in Malibu with a bang: late last year, he forked over $177 million to fashion mogul Serge Azria for a 13-structure estate spanning 6.62 acres on a bluff overlooking Paradise Cove. The property should be seen, especially the main house, a 10,000 square-footer with a design sensibility that’s poised exquisitely between a cerebral emphasis on form and an incredibly refined warmth.

Following this main purchase, Andreessen set his sights on a nearby estate capped by a very new modern villa, or a modern villa risen from the ashes of a 1980-built structure taken down to studs. Sporting a monastic-luxe style that borrows heavily from the architectural apocrypha of art gallery revival, the home’s ornamental flourishes include strident lines, slatted white oak, and a staircase that’s positively voluptuous. It came with a $44.5 million price tag.

That was in March. To bring his total outlay tally for that month to nearly $80 million, and property additions in the area to over 2 acres of additional space, Andreessen closed out the month with the $34 million purchase of a property next door to his main estate, according to Dirt. Dating to 1973, the 2.984 sq. ft. three-and-three was designed as a modern-inspired but laid-back beach house, and it retains that feel. The layout of the home positions the main living area so that everything tumbles beachward. There’s a bit of industrial in the home, with exposed HVAC, unfinished ceiling timbers and exposed hardware, and a guywire staircase balustrade, but a recent refinish of the plank oak in low-gloss adds a bit of contemporary refinement to the beach cottage rustic.

So, all in all, Andreessen’s compound now measures over eight acres. Down the street is his guest house, his second purchase in the area. Total cost: over $250 million.

Andreessen’s net worth is around $1.7 billion, per Forbes.

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