ProDrive’s $1.65M Hunter Elevates Off-Road Racer to Hypercar Status

ProDrive’s $1.65M Hunter Elevates Off-Road Racer to Hypercar Status

Published: April 2, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

A Ferrari for T.E. Lawrence? That’s what ProDrive chair David Richards likely had in mind when introducing the Hunter, the company’s nearly 610-horsepower dose of hunkered desert supercar. It looks like a rally racer, but make no mistake: this is a road-legal car.

Its progenitor is not road-legal. Before the Hunter was a rally race car called the BRX Hunter T1+, a creation of car design royalty Ian Callum. The BRX Hunter was dreamed up around the turn of the last decade by ProDrive in partnership with a Bahraini wealth fund to create a new specialty car company: ProDrive International. The same wealth fund, Mumtalakat, owns a majority stake in McLaren.

The street-legal, limited-production Hunter — there will be only 25 examples made — appears to be the first road car from ProDrive, which otherwise spends its time designing and building race cars of all kinds, dreaming up new composite materials, and taking on the odd major aerospace-industry project. It is destined to be a collector’s piece, and it’s unlikely that many of them will see more sand than one encounters on the streets of Dubai. It’s more of a super-exotic than a supercar, a head-turner that’s as serious as it is fun.

The competitive Hunter shares its engine with the street-legal version of the car, but the Ford-sourced 3.5L V6 biturbo has been tuned for 50% more horsepower; its top speed is estimated to land in the 185-190 MPH range. Its manual transmission has been traded out for a paddle-shifter, though. And, those 35-inch tires? They’re actually two inches smaller than the tires that shoed the updated BRX that emerged in 2021.

Lawrence would have liked the Hunter — after all, his taste in motorcycles tender to the ne plus ultra of the era: Brough Superior, a suitably exotic ride. He might not have been able to afford one, however; the Hunter is priced at 1.25 million pounds sterling. That translates to about $1.65 million at the current rate.

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