Billionaire Couple Mark and Robyn Jones Asking $37.5M for Turks and Caicos Compound They Bought From Bruce Willis

Published: March 8, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Two years ago, Goosehead Insurance founders Mark and Robyn Jones were the buyers of Bruce Willis’ custom-designed tropical getaway on Turks and Caicos’ Parrot Cay. This winter, the property returns to the marketplace, an unusual opportunity to own a genuine paradise.

Willis put the compound up for sale in the spring of 2019, asking $33 million. The Joneses acquired it within months of its appearance on the open market, closing on it with a $27 million offer. Now they, too, have put it up for sale, at COVID-era pricing. They’re looking for a buyer with $37.5 million to spend.

The seven-acre trade winds idyll has many a consolation to offer. It’s been titled The Residence; the singularity suggested by the moniker is due to the fact that the estate is the single home on the island, not because there is only one structure. There are in fact three houses in The Residence, with interior square footage totaling 18,000, and an accommodations count of eleven bedrooms and fourteen baths.

Interior living areas are finished in a relaxed and unpretentious style; at no point does the décor attempt to compete with the setting, a wise design sensibility that allows the palms, white sand beaches, and turquoise water to carry the day. Cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors and trim, and natural stone in the baths and kitchen are among the details.

Among individual spaces, the owner’s bedroom takes the blue ribbon; a generously proportioned space with a hipped ceiling and a tonal execution in off-white, it’s airy and clean, and the tropical colors outside the windows positively resonate.

In case you’re trying to keep up, the Joneses’ net worth is around $1.8 billion.

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