Calvin Harris Seeking $25M for Beverly Hills Compound

Calvin Harris Seeking $25M for Beverly Hills Compound

Published: March 5, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Celebrity DJ and music producer Calvin Harris hefted his heavily renovated-to-taste Los Angeles palace onto the open market this winter. Harris is looking for a buyer with $25 million to be taken with the house, which occupies a sizeable chunk of the Beverly Hills Post Office neighborhood: 2.69 acres.

The estate contains four structures beyond the main house: a two-level guest house that has been adapted to accommodate two separate recording studios, a five-car garage that contains a movie theater, and an elevator to get there, a security office, and a gym and basketball court.

The interiors of the main house feature coffered ceilings, intricate herringbone-pattern hardwood floors, red brick accents, and a staircase in figured stone with a Mediterranean-style stone balustrade. The living style is remarkably youthful; exuberant, playful, and occasionally kitschy. It’s also an extraordinarily bright house, although the herringbone and brick keep things nicely earthbound.

The Benedict Canyon lot offers stunning views, and the acreage allows for extensive walking paths as well as gardens, a pool bordered by hedge walls, a lounge with fire pit, and BBQ.

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