Hermes Introduces ‘The Rock’, Men’s Birkin Bag

Hermes Introduces ‘The Rock’, Men’s Birkin Bag

Published: February 19, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

A fledgling creation from French fashion house Hermès draws on the legend of the Birkin bag in hopes of creating a cult following of its own—among men. Call it a Birkin for men. Or don’t.

However it is presented, the upshot is that, as of this winter, the brand’s popular Birkin bag has crossed over into its men’s accessories catalog. Long a utilitarian staple of the uptown woman, the carry-all made a splash at the company’s 2022 Paris Men’s Fashion Week show when it was carried by a gent or two.

How has it been revised for its crossover? Well, it’s a bit bigger. And the keychain that is prominent is a masculine flourish, as is the form-follows-function zipper that keeps the face of the bag from being too pretty. And Hermès gave it a name that suggests the uncompromising and pre-empts any apprehension: The Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s unlikely to receive any royalties, though he may find the nomenclature amusing enough to accessorize with the item.

Inside, the voluminous satchel carries much to facilitate a busy day.

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