‘Good Girls’ Star Mae Whitman Pays $2.9M for Mid-Century Architectural in Pasadena

‘Good Girls’ Star Mae Whitman Pays $2.9M for Mid-Century Architectural in Pasadena

Published: January 15, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Actress Mae Whitman, who starred in the hit series Good Girls, took time out from her work on Disney’s The Owl House to close on a self-reflexive gift: an updated low-slung midcentury oasis in Pasadena.

The house contains three bedrooms and three baths in its 2,298 sq. ft., and interiors that are pleasingly evocative of the third quarter of the last century. But the property’s consolations extend beyond the confines of the home’s indoor living spaces; its .72-acre lot is nestled in a quiet and sylvan corner of the city, and is large enough to accommodate a romantically winding drive and a dense shield of privacy landscaping.

The interiors of the home — known as the Bonham house — display the property’s 1950 vintage in bold strokes, and time has rendered it very fashionable to the discerning eye. The shared spaces are wood-heavy, but for the floors; walls and ceilings are paneled or finished in plank. Bluestone tile and a brick fireplace combine with the wood tones for a very effective combination.

Other highlights of the house include the master bath, where a glass-enclosed combination shower and tub stall is finished in mosaic tiles in jade and malachite tones. In back, the home opens to a freeform swimming pool surrounded by a concrete border, which transitions in turn to a hardwood sundeck.

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