BMW Shows Off Color-Shifting ‘iX Flow’ Concept

BMW Shows Off Color-Shifting ‘iX Flow’ Concept

Published: January 11, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

BMW took to the 2022 edition of CES in Las Vegas to reveal a new crossover concept. But this concept is a bit of a departure. It appears — the word is very fitting — that its visuals entirely tell the tale.

The iX Flow, as BMW calls it, is something of a fickle expression of the current customization craze. Expression is the key word; customization allows buyers to have a car that’s unique to them; tuning companies provide options, with more and more automakers spinning off in-house divisions to specialize in the lucrative enterprise.

This concept, however, can customize depending on the weather, the day, the driver’s emotional state, or any other personal criteria that happens to be fitting at a given moment. It uses E Ink technology to impregnate a wrap that can shift from white to black, with variations of gray in between. It could be a winning option for anyone shopping for a new getaway car.

E Ink may be familiar to readers who have transitioned their favorite pastime to virtual; Amazon’s Kindle uses it. In this case, it is applied as part of an exterior textile on the iX Flow. Although the concept’s display is relegated to B&W, it does give an indication of automotive cosmetic technology that may be on the horizon.

The iX Flow was one of two modified, tech-heavy iX examples BMW brought to Las Vegas. The second is decked out with a 31-inch 32:9 format roll-away viewing screen for on-the-go cineastes.

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