BMW i4 and iX EPA Ranges Hover Around 300-Mile Mark

BMW i4 and iX EPA Ranges Hover Around 300-Mile Mark

Published: January 8, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

EPA range information for the 2022 BMW EV crossover, the iX, and the company’s mid-range luxury-performance EV, the i4, was revealed recently. The details help usher the daily driving models in to the U.S. market ahead of deliveries, which are scheduled to begin early in the first quarter of the New Year.

BMW’s in-house acronym for the iX body style is SAV — Sport Activity Vehicle — and the capable-looking vehicle is designed for adventures; the possibility of occasionally taking the road less traveled will naturally make range anxiety more acute for prospective buyers, so the rating is key. The first version available for the inaugural year will be a sporty xDrive50 variant, and with 22-inch wheels the suburban rig can scout new territory with 315 miles on tap; standard 20-inch wheels drop the range to 305 miles, far from a deal-killer.

The i4 sedan EV will first appear in eDrive 40 and M50 trim. With standard 18-inch wheels, the base model will be able to travel 301 miles on a full charge; optioning up to 19-inch wheels drops the range 19 miles. The M50 version of the i4 gives drivers over 530 horsepower to play with, and the range is correspondingly shorter: 270 miles with 19-inch wheels, while optioning to 20-inchers drops almost 50 miles of range, leaving drivers with 227 miles available on a full charge.

EPA estimates tend to be on the conservative side, to say the least. Combined the Germans’ puzzling tendency to underrate their cars’ power and range, expectations may very well need to be revised upwards. Real-world range figures could be closer to 400 miles.

As for pricing, BMW’s final decisions are in line with the estimates of last June. The i4 base stickers at $55,400, the i4 M50 at $65,900, and the iX at $83,200.

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