Louis Vuitton Introduces First-Ever Ski Collection

Louis Vuitton Introduces First-Ever Ski Collection

Published: January 6, 2022 | By: American Luxury Staff

Although it’s somewhat surprising, the designers at the house of Vuitton had yet to produce a ski-oriented collection before the winter of 2022. But produce such a collection they have.

The LV Ski Collection was revealed around the New Year, and includes almost everything one needs to successfully negotiate an alpine vacation in wintertime.

The list of articles even includes a set of skis, although you’ll have to jockey for one of 200 sets made for the LV Ski Collection. Apart from that, there are feather puffers finished in an arrestingly future-is-now iridescent mountain-vista design, glitzy ski jackets, wool parkas, hats and scarves, and boots.

Ski goggles can also be had — needless to say, they’ve been etched with Vuitton arcana — and, of course, all the accessories necessary to make the après-ski scene.

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