Tesla Reveals $1.9K Cyberquad for Kids

Tesla Reveals $1.9K Cyberquad for Kids

Published: December 7, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Tesla’s newest model is designed for the younger members of the family. The four-wheeler, which looks very future-is-now indeed, owes its lineage to the Tesla Cybertruck, the angular, steely EV workhorse that the company unveiled last year. The recreational ride is naturally called the Cyberquad.

The Cyberquad has a steel frame, like its father, and can handle riders of up to 150 pounds. It also sports an adjustable suspension with rear disc braking and LED bar indicators. Its lithium-ion battery pack allows for 15 miles of range, and it has a speed limitation of 5 MPH for younger riders…although more experienced riders can reach 10 MPH. It is priced at $1,900.

While the Tesla Cybertruck has had its production pushed forward — the metallic bit of roadgoing, ecologically relevant geometry will enter production in 2022 — the Cyberquad might just make their way to some buyers before the end of this year. Tesla’s website indicates initial deliveries will begin as soon as the third week of this month.

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