Volvo Concept Recharge Is an Automotive Eco-Warrior That Checks All the Boxes

Volvo Concept Recharge Is an Automotive Eco-Warrior That Checks All the Boxes

Published: December 4, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Volvo’s newsroom published a manifesto this autumn—well, figuratively. The form of the manifesto? A detailed re-reveal of the company’s Concept Recharge, a four-wheeled statement of purpose and change as Volvo progresses into the decade.

As a symbol, the Concept Recharge is both a cheering moment of hope and a call-to-action at a critical moment in the history of human civilization. As a corporate statement, it reflects Volvo’s projected path of the next two decades: the company is currently planning to have an EV-only lineup by 2030, and to be a climate-neutral and circular business by 2040.

The circularity in future-tense Volvo culture and business approach referred to is evident in the concept’s build; judging by the word usage, a 2040 Volvo would be constructed entirely from recycled, reclaimed, and sustainable materials. Recharge, in this context, refers not only to the electric powertrain, but also to the stuff that will compose a Volvo, and even the means of powering the production facility from which it takes to the road.

Inside the car: Swedish wool and other environmentally responsible textiles — including Tencel, a slippery semi-synthetic cloth sourced from vegetable matter; similar to Cupro but not quite as pricey — and composite materials fabricated from natural ingredients. Outside the car, materials at work include a composite derived from flax and 94% petrol-free tires. The overall result is an 80% drop in CO2 footprint for a Volvo model example from 2018 levels; the Recharge concept would produce less than 10 tons of carbon dioxide during its lifespan.

Volvo’s manifesto is a great place to start. If the company’s commitment becomes influential, the Concept Recharge could become a more general statement of collective purpose. Let’s hope so.

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