Jacob & Co. Shows Off $780K Astronomia Maestro Worldtime

Jacob & Co. Shows Off $780K Astronomia Maestro Worldtime

Published: November 30, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

The newest cosmos-minded watch in Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia collection is the Maestro Worldtime. The new timepiece features a Carillon minute repeater and, most importantly, a world time complication.

In this case, the world time complication indicates time globally by referencing the world’s 24 times zones in the movement of the rose gold globe and its companion reference points that can be seen at the watch’s ‘south pole’.

The watch also features an astronaut in orbit, rotating opposite a spherical diamond that completes a revolution in 90 seconds. The watch features a triple-axis tourbillon — Jacob & Co.’s JCFM11A minute repeater movement — and it is fixed with a blue alligator strap.

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Maestro Worldtime is priced at $780,000.

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