Ferrari’s $2.2M Daytona SP3 a Tribute to 1967 Podium Sweep

Ferrari’s $2.2M Daytona SP3 a Tribute to 1967 Podium Sweep

Published: November 27, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Ferrari’s newest limited-edition Icona model picks up where the Monza left off. For readers who recall the Monza, which inaugurated the Icona series and gave the muscular Ferrari V12 continued employment, the new car will represent the progression of a narrative which is rapidly becoming very engaging.

The new Icona’s spirit and design arise from Ferrari’s history of competitive racing prototypes. Like the windshield-free Monza — which appeared in 2018 in both driver-only SP1, and passenger-friendly SP2 seating variations — the new model, called the Daytona SP3, is a harkening lark, but picks up a bit later in the Ferrari timeline: the car suggests the late 1960s performance of a trio of Ferraris at the 24 Hours of Daytona. The model in question was the 330 P3, and it took first, second and third in 1967.

The Daytona SP3’s V12 is almost positively the same new 6.5L V12 that puts the growl in the Monza; it’s the most powerful Ferrari engine ever produced. The car’s shape is both graceful and abrupt, evoking the aero sensibilities of Ferrari’s racing designs of the era. It features a wraparound windshield and an extended rear spoiler. The body style is Targa; it’s a shame we don’t see more of it these days, as the Targa design is the only one to artfully reconcile the limitations and consolations of an open-top driving experience.

Ferrari will build 599 examples of the Daytona SP3. The car is priced at €2 million, or about $2.24 million at current rates. Deliveries will being toward the end of next year.

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