Lucid Makes First Deliveries, But Six-Figure Starting Price Precludes Showdown With Tesla

Lucid Makes First Deliveries, But Six-Figure Starting Price Precludes Showdown With Tesla

Published: November 25, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

A couple of months ago, American EV startup Lucid announced the launch edition of its Air sedan. Air Dream Editions R and P were coming, the company stated—R for range, P for performance. Recently, they arrived.

The Dream Edition R, a 933-horsepower variation on the Air theme, has a range of up to 520 miles. Mighty appealing. And, mighty expensive as a result; the Air Dream Edition R can be had by buyers willing to ante $170K. For the most heavy-footed, the 1,100-horsepower Air Dream Edition P is even more attractive. And a little more expensive. Although it loses a little range—on 19-inch wheels, it’ll log 450 miles before requiring a recharge.

The models are priced well beyond the Tesla Model S; the Model S Plaid, the priciest variant, starts at $129K. Lucid’s nearest likely competitor will be Faraday Future, although Faraday’s FF91 is expected to start at around $180K, and the model is a crossover.

The initial deliveries of the Air amounted to the first 20 examples of the Air Dream Edition, with variants R and P represented. What their buyers got for their $170K is a 118.0-kWh battery, lightweight motors, and an interior sporting Alcantara and leather and, representing sustainable materials, a blend of alpaca and recycled fibers.

Waiting in the wings is the Air Grand Touring; first deliveries of the $139K luxury daily driver are expected in the ‘tween-holiday period. Following the appearance-by-descending price pattern, the Air Touring variant and entry-level Air Pure, the latter of which base stickers at $77K, will arrive in the first weeks of the upcoming year. The Pure comes with 480 horsepower and a 408-mile full-charge range.

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