Billionaire Steve Wynn Increases Price of Las Vegas Manse to $24.5M

Published: November 6, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Casino and hotel billionaire Steve Wynn’s slick Las Vegas tour-de-force villa is back on the open market this fall. The 15,000 sq. ft., 1.41-acre property began its run for sale under Wynn’s ownership back in June of 2020, when it asked $25 million; in the winter of 2021, it asked $19.5 million. Its return finds the price bumped up to $24.5 million.

Wynn’s fabulous Beverly Hills trophy followed a similar pattern. Like the Las Vegas home, that property remains for sale after about eighteen months on the market. It began its run at $135 million, dropping to $110 million in the dead of winter 2021, before snapping back to $115 million on the cusp of spring, where it remains.

The two homes are designed with a similar sensibility. For the six-bed Las Vegas house, the glitzy showmanship is present in the form of a postmodern veneer; a neoclassical entry and arcade hallway, a deco-ish staircase, LED strip lighting galore, coffered ceilings. Materials used to express the interiors include burled wood — likely walnut — as well as plaster, and marble, marble, marble.

A master suite with massive dual closets/dressing rooms and a private sitting room, a theater, a wine cellar and a rotunda solarium dayroom that opens to the pool and patio through multiple sets of French doors are a few of the high points of this unabashedly luxurious home.

Wynn’s net worth is north of $3 billion.

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