Bovet’s $310K Battista Tourbillon Matches Pininfarina’s Hypercar

Bovet’s $310K Battista Tourbillon Matches Pininfarina’s Hypercar

Published: November 2, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Swiss watchmaker Bovet 1822 reached for inspiration across a common border: Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina. The watch is called the Battista Tourbillon, and it takes design cues from Pininfarina’s Battista EV.

The House of Bovet’s recent automotive-world collaborations include doing a bit of work for Goodwood; Rolls-Royce commissioned the firm to make the timepiece for the new Boat Tail. The Battista Tourbillon is a more traditional expression of watchmaking homage, however.

The model features a patented double-sided 60-second flying tourbillon and asymmetrical dials to honor the 90th anniversary of the Italian company. The watch’s skeletonized movement and E-Heart echo the design of the Battista hypercar.

The limited-edition timepiece features a 10-day power reserve, and is paired with a vegan rubber strap that again recalls Pininfarina. It is priced at 285K CHF; that’s about $300K.

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