Ellen DeGeneres Takes $55M for Montecito Compound She Purchased From Dennis Miller

Ellen DeGeneres Takes $55M for Montecito Compound She Purchased From Dennis Miller

Published: October 30, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Back in the holiday season of 2020, comedian-turned-political pundit Dennis Miller passed his heavyweight estate in Montecito on to a new owner.

It turned out that the buyers were real estate mavens Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi; the couple handed over $49 million to close on the property, a 4.3-acre spread in the popular Santa Barbara County community. This fall, the duo passed the estate on to a new owner, collecting $55 million, less fees and renovations, on their way out the door.

The property sold quietly off-market when DeGeneres and de Rossi purchased it, and again when they recently sold it in turn, so interior images of the house are not presently available. The estate is anchored by a main house measuring 9,000 sq. ft.; a guest house, a tennis court, a pool and outdoor living area and four additional structures complete a sketch of the overall property layout.

The flip is yet another in the ongoing Montecito real estate adventures of DeGeneres and de Rossi. The couple’s other recent coups in the city include the buying and selling of a Bali-inspired contemporary for $33.3 million, and this year’s re-purchasing of historic Rancho San Leandro; concerning the latter property, the couple owned it earlier in the last decade, selling it in 2018 for $11 million, and buying it back again last spring for $14.3 million.

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